Your foundation for finding balance and happiness.

As we examined our own lives and the stories others have shared with us, it became obvious that we all have to face similar challenges. We try to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, build relationships that last, be financially sound, feel good about our purpose in life and create a spiritual connection.

All of these things can lead to challenges and obstacles that make it harder to live a balanced life. Living in balance doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and sacrifice. And even when we KNOW we need to make changes, it’s still hard.

We have identified the 8 core foundation blocks along with the Giving Back and Spiritual components that you need to nurture and fine-tune in order to achieve a healthier, more balanced life. The Basics within each part of the foundation help you meet life’s challenges and live to your highest potential.

When you think about the picture of how you want your life to be, these are the areas you need to examine on a regular basis:


Stress Management
Eating Right
Felling Rested

Financial Planning
Giving Back


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The sample pages below give you an idea of the tips, guidance, detailed information, and action items that are available in each section of the book.


The goal of this Basic is to help you create the types of relationships you want in your life. At the beginning of each Basic, you are provided with a goal, basic questions you can ask yourself and guidance to help you find more balance in this area.

• Do you take the time to listen to others and show compassion when they are upset?
• Do you feel like people take advantage of you?
• Do you wish you had more fulfilling relationships with your family or friends?

Stress Management

The goal of this Basic is to prepare you for stressful situations, help you deal with stress and encourage you to let go of the things you cannot control. Each Basic also gives you a Deeper Look into that particular area of your life and provides actionable tips and ideas as you seek balance.

• Are there things you could be doing to minimize your stress?
• Do you take time to do things that are just for you?
• Do you worry about things beyond your control?

Eating Right

The goal of this Basic is to show you how to use food as fuel for a healthy body and mind. The Basics also provide tools and resources to help you in your journey for balance. You can refer back to these sections for guidance and reinforcement whenever you find yourself losing focus.

• Do you eat when you are stressed or upset?
• Are you eating the right nutrients for good health?
• Do you give in and buy junk food when you go grocery shopping?

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It is important that you consult your physician and other practitioners/counselors/consultants before initiating any changes in your life that would result from using A Completely Balanced Life.