It is such a blessing to you and those around you when you are balanced. Balance Ten is about helping you drive your energy and focus in a way that leads to success in 10 key areas of life.  We all are confronted by distractions, temptations and stressors that attempt to alter the course of our lives. Learn how to positively counter those influences through Balance Ten.

A good visual of a balanced life is a home made up of 10 parts which symbolizes the image of a completely balanced life. The challenge is to actively manage all 10 areas simultaneously.  Each area involves decision points requiring some kind of choice or response. It is not realistic to stop and think through every single decision in each of the 10 areas every day; that would consume so much time and energy which could instead be used in more positive ways. All decisions you make have some impact on your life, some of which are big and some small. Balance Ten is about forming and maintaining a strong footing in each of the 10 areas so when decisions need to be made the right choice becomes clear from the start.

Balance Ten provides the core principles, values and advice on how to help you succeed in each area and maintain a strong foundation.   Balance Ten is formatted to strengthen your focus and aid in identifying when you are straying off course and in need of renewed effort. Since all 10 areas are integrated, Balance Ten recognizes that weakness in one area can impact other areas of your life. You will gain the ability to evaluate your overall level of balance and determine if you have lost focus. Another benefit of living a balanced life is preventing future problems or unnecessary challenges by learning to avoid making bad choices now.

When you live a balanced life, no matter by whom or what you are surrounded, no matter what challenges or stresses you are confronting, you remain in control of how you live and react. A stronger core foundation also allows for better preparation for the future and helps you reach your potential.

Life has its up and downs. Balance Ten is a tool to pull you up when you are down or struggling and will help you humbly evaluate your life when you feel you are doing well. The goal is to live a consistently balanced life and make adjustments when necessary. The guidance is timeless and will be just as applicable many years in the future as it is now.

Each person is unique with personal challenges and goals; however, the core foundation is applicable to everyone. Understanding how to be balanced is easy. Becoming balanced requires commitment and work. Staying balanced requires even greater commitment and focus, but is well worth the effort since it helps you reach your potential and have a fulfilling, healthy and balanced life. The Balance Ten Basics are not necessarily new or revolutionary, but the way they are arranged provides a new perspective.

When you are stronger in mind, body and spirit you are in a better position to reach your potential in the plans God has for you in this life.

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